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At this stage you find over 15,000 travel stock photos on Award winning photography by Rolf Hicker featuring stock images on the topics animals, travel, nature, just to name a few.

Please choose a stock photography category or theme list to find your requested stock photos or use the search. Almost all stock pictures can be ordered as high resolution files via digital download or as quality art prints and nature mousepads.
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Here you can find our 100 most viewd pictures on hickerphoto:
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Stock photos of countries, animals and other topics - Categories

Pictures of the USA
Mixed pictures from several different american states.

Alaska Pictures

Arizona Pictures

California Pictures

Nevada Pictures

Oregon Pictures

Utah Pictures

Washington Pictures

Pictures of Canada
Selection of pictures from several canadian provinces - Canada pure!

Alberta Pictures

British Columbia Pictures

Manitoba Pictures

New Brunswick Pictures

Newfoundland Labrador Pictures

Nova Scotia Pictures

Ontario Pictures

Quebec Pictures

Saskatchewan Pictures

Vancouver Island Pictures

Yukon Territory Pictures

First Nations Pictures

Pictures of Europe
Seletion of pictures from several european countries

Austria Pictures

Czech Republic

France Pictures

Germany Pictures

Italy Pictures

Spain Pictures

Santorini Pictures

Switzerland Pictures

Africa Pictures

New Zealand Pictures

Galapagos Islands

Animal Pictures

Endangered Animal Pictures

Bear Pictures

Eagle Pictures

Dolphin Pictures

Humpback Whale Pictures

Killer Whale Pictures

Nature Pictures

Northern Lights Pictures

Landscape Pictures

Background Pictures

Panorama Photography

Just Pictures

Whale Watching

Some of our special photo themes:


Golf Pictures


List of our stock photography catalog pages:

Here we have to categories with mixed stock photos from around the world:
Just Pictures
Travel Photos
Picture Gallery

I just updated my New Zealand pages - hope this helps to find better what you are looking for!

What are stock photos?

american bald eagle stock photos Stock Photos are images which can be used and reused for commercial design purposes in exchange for a license fee. Many book publishers, magazines, advertisement agencies, web designers, and corporate creative groups use stock photos instead of hiring a photographer, and carrying the production risk themselves, like weather related delays.

There is a large selection of stock photos on the market today, mostly distributed by mega stock agencies. These Stock Agents often use other agencies to distribute the photos, which means the commission is also distributed more widely, and invariably leaves the photographer with a very small profit from the sale of their own stock photos. Although the stock agencies are thriving on this scheme, the photographer has a hard time to survive. For this reason more high class photographers are selling their own stock photos now. By buying stock photos from the photographer you ensure that a stock photographer can survive and continue to shoot rare and unique stock photos. Usually you can get very exclusive photographs direct from the photographer for a reduced price. Stock Photos are the bread and butter for a serious, professional photographer.